Feeling especially environmentally unfriendly this morning? Head over to the Ruggles shaft right now for the Composting Open House! A more eloquent description below:

Are you curious about composting at Columbia? Come join us in the Ruggles shaft (accessible through the basement) for a tour of EcoReps’ new composting machine! The Composting Open House will be from 11am to 1pm on Friday February 22nd in the Ruggles shaft. Our machine, called the “Rocket”, digests woodchips and vegetable scraps into compost and has been in use since last spring. Come with questions about how we compost and how you can sign up to contribute your own food scraps. The Rocket is not usually open to all Columbia students so this is a very unique opportunity! Also there will be free apples provided by our very own farmers’ market! Check out this video to get a better idea of what composting is about and what we do: