You, if Beyonce sings your favorite song

You, if Beyonce sings your favorite song

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, and you may be wondering where to watch Beyonce preform at halftime. To help you with this epic search, Bwog has put together a list of your local favorites as well as some more adventurous options, all of which are offering food and drink specials for the big day. You’ve already heard about our Super Bowl drinking game, now find out where we’ll be playing it!

The Local Favorites:

Mel’s Burger Bar (111th & Broadway)

Super Bowl Special: Unlimited beer and anything off the menu for $60, but only $40 if you’re part of Brew Crew. Oh, and it’s only $25 for ages 14 and under, if you can swing that

Pro: Everything you already know: great selection of beers, tasty food, plenty of TVs

Con: Everything you already know: drunk frat boys, awkward communal bathroom encounters, contentious line/table interactions


Havana Central (113th and Broadway)

Super Bowl Special: All you can drink & eat “Cuban Feast” for $35.95 per person (plus tax and tip). The deal includes wings, sliders, peel & eat shrimp, empanadas, and as many Presidente Lite drafts as you can handle

Pro: Delicious Cuban food, and it may bring back lost memories from Senior Night

Con: Not the best TV situation in the neighborhood


Lion’s Head Tavern (109th & Amsterdam)

Super Bowl Special: $7 pitchers of Bud Light and Rolling Rock

Pro: Great wings, big TVs, and a laid-back, casual atmosphere

Con: Reminiscent of a Frat house basement and don’t expect to have any clue what time of day it is (pro or con)


Village Pourhouse (109th & Amsterdam)

Super Bowl Special: $60 open bar “from kick off to the last play” and a full buffet

Pro: The projector will provide optimal viewing regardless of where you get a table

Con: More grad students than undergrads



The Adventurous Eighties:

Bourbon St (80th & Amsterdam)

Super Bowl Special: $4 Bud and Coors Lite bottles, and $4 Blue Moon draft

Pro: The Super Bowl is in New Orleans. Need we say more?

Con: Not great food if you’re looking to chow down during the game


The Gin Mill (81st & Amsterdam)

Super Bowl Special: 12-8pm: 1/2 price all beer (bottles, drafts, pitchers); 8pm-close: $3 “You Call It” drinks, drafts, bottles, shots

Pro: Lots of space and no bad seat to watch all those commercials

Con: Far away and likely filled with “real” people


For the Homebodies:

Your Friend’s Apartment 

Super Bowl Special: Kegger? Home-made guac? Order in wings? Make your own!

Pro: With all your friends and close to home

Con: With all your friends and close to home


 Beyonce fans via NBC Sports