Join us!

Tonight is the moment you’ve all been waiting for–Media Networking Night!  Hosted by CCE with support from us and Spec, the event will be held in the Low Library Rotunda, so just follow the line of anxious peers and alums straight up the steps.  MNN officially begins at 7 pm, but we suggest you get there earlier to hop on line and maximize your time with the impressive networkers we have attending.  We hope that you have already registered (and gotten a pre-registration pass) but in case you haven’t yet, go through CCE’s comprehensive site here.  Through that link you can also explore the different areas of media that will be present and prepare yourself for the over 250 registered networkers planning to show up and talk to you.

At Media Networking Night, you have access to professionals in various areas of media who you can talk to for information on what exactly they do, career advice, and how to get that all-important business card for future work and connections.