Today is your day!

“I’m glad we had the times together just to laugh and sing a song; seems like we just got started and then before you know it, the times we had together were gone.”–Dr. Seuss or Carol Burnett or whoever. Someone definitely had the right idea, so go to one of these arts events—compiled by the Angsty, Artsy Kyra Bloom—with your friends before the semester is over


  • Cymbeline plays this weekend all around campus on Thursday and Saturday at 8 pm, as well as Friday at 11:59 pm for some true Shakespearean revelry.  It’s free for everyone, so grab some friends and bring a blanket (beer or otherwise).
  • Barnard’s spring arts show, the Music of Words, is at 8 pm in the Diana Black Box.  Jenny Singer and CU Bellydance are performing along with other independent talents.  Free event with free food: what could be better?


  • The Varsity Show is this weekend. Tickets available. They don’t need any more publicity.
  • Notes and Keys has their final concert on Friday at 8 in Lerner C555.  Make sure to catch it if you know any of the four seniors in the group to support them in their last performance.
  • The Advanced Composition Seminar is having their spring concert at 8:30 pm in the Faculty House.  The ensemble will be playing new works by each of the talented students in the course, and word on the street is the concert will be followed by a wine and food reception.
  • Wondering what to do for a late-night Shabbat treat? Pizmon is holding their final concert, “Pizmonix”, at 10:30 pm in Rennert Hall.  Head down to the basement of the Kraft Center for some catchy Kosher tunes.


  • The second weekend of the Thesis Festival begins with solo performances by Dana Bacharach, Evelyn Hammer-Lester, and Clarisse Van Kote, and new play readings written by Nathalie Molina Niño and Katie Craddock.  The shows are free, and no reservation is required to see these lovely ladies culminate their college studies.  
  • Uptown Vocal is holding their final concert, also in Lerner C555, at 8:30 on Saturday night.  The theme has something to do with James Bond…probably part of the ongoing quest to make a capella a little more badass.

Dr. Seuss via random blog