new prof picccc

Photo by Leah Greenstein

Bwog is checking out for summer (unless something marvelously big happens that we simply must tell you about) as it is officially June, but first we’d like to give you a round-up of what’s been going on in the CU world these last two weeks.  It has definitely been a memorable semester and we hope you have a relaxing/productive/magical/eye-opening/lazy summer.  Class of 2013: you were an awesome crop of kids and we can’t wait to see where you go.  Don’t forget about us when we’re no longer young and beautiful you’re famous.

I tried to toss Deantini my crown frisbee-style but the aerodynamics on a blow up piece of plastic aren’t great, so that was a fail. Instead, I walked around the barriers and actually placed the crown atop his head (yes, I crowned Deantini, it was epic).

You can see the picture of this magical moment at right, which was made into Deantini’s new Facebook prof pic.

  • Ebonie Smith, BC’07, teamed up with the Barnard Center for Research on Women to found Gender Amplified, a movement to celebrate women in music production.  They’ve got an Indiegogo campaign and will be having the Gender Amplified Music Festival at Barnard in the fall.  Girl power! (Gender Amplified, Indiegogo)
  • After way too long, CU Assassins has finally come to a conclusion.  The winning team was The Chinese Gymnastics Team (Alex Kalicki, Andrew Arredondo, Greg Duchard, Seun Omotunde), while Eleanor Stein and Dylan Smith tied for most kills.  You can see the full email from ESC here.
  • A+ tipster Daniel Sims, SEAS’14, was listening to comedy show Keith and the Girl when Patrick Carlin, brother of George, talked about Columbia students getting scammed back in his day while looking for prostitutes.  You can listen to it here (contains NSFW language).  (Special thank you to Keith and the Girl for the audio file!)
  • Another A+ tipster, James Boothe, thought his sandwich recipe was solid enough to warrant mention on Bwog.  Bwog agrees.  And here we present The SchapHero:

“From the bottom-up:
-12 inch sub bun, steamed over boiling pot of water
-About an inch of hot pastrami
-Light ground black pepper
-3 full-length dill pickle spears, laid parallel to the bun
-Another inch of hot pastrami
-More light ground black pepper
-Light mustard
-Close it up”

  • Apartment hunting?  Bwog alum comedy group Local Empire has a video for you: