Your brain on Bwog

Last night during our first meeting, Bwog received the following via our anonymous tip form:

I couldn’t make it to the first meeting because I arrive on campus tomorrow! Will I still be able to join Bwog? (will there be other information session like meetings)

While we normally would have responded to this tip directly to the person who submitted it, the funny thing about anonymous tip forms is that they’re… well… anonymous — so our only option is to post about it!

The short answer is: yes, of course you can still join Bwog! As the many freshmen whom we accosted during the meet n’ greet yesterday can attest, Bwog is all about new perspectives. We try to post about what we think the Columbia community is interested in, but the staff is a very limited sample of our intended readership, so if there’s something you’d like to see on Bwog that isn’t, or something you think we can be doing better, just come to our weekly meetings (Sundays at 7 pm in the Lerner SGO) and let us know.

Unlike some other campus publications, Bwog doesn’t really have a training process; if you came to a meeting on Sunday you could potentially write a post that night and have it published Monday afternoon. So: join us!

Blue matter via Shutterstock