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Overseen: Desperate for Collaboration

Someone call CCE, because boy have we got a job for you.  Posted on an EC bulletin board, some Barnard senior is  putting together a coalition of “fucking brilliant and chill” classmates in order to make boatloads of money and “capitalize on each other’s work ethic.” Bwog is unsure as to the business model being proposed by this intrepid entrepreneur, but it will probably definitely be as successful as that other college startup.

job prospects!

Seems legit.

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  • What's in the box? says:

    @What's in the box? If we’re actually interested in this… can the flyer poster comment and unredact their address?

  • the other ww says:

    @the other ww I’m a chem major, CC 2015, with access to methylamine. Hit me up.

  • Just a suggestion says:

    @Just a suggestion They could go to CORE Townhall…

  • barnard says:

    @barnard nuff said

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