Practice telling people your smart and they should give you money; it's the only tool we have.

Practice telling people you’re smart and they should give you money; it’s the only tool we have.

Looking for a reason to feel good about CCSC? (Not necessarily, but…) Today there’s a great one: the council has set up a “Student Project Grants Initiative.”

Looking at the website, the initiative seems to cover a fairly wide variety of student projects, with the (very broad) stated purpose of “funding individual projects [students] would otherwise be unable to carry out.” There will be ten categories for grants, each will be for about $2,000 along with “the full resources of CCSC.” That seems to mean help with booking spaces and what-not.

If you’re interested in learning more about the SPG, click here, where you can find a description, guidelines, and the application for the grant. Applications to no longer be super completely broke do a project are due December, 6 so hurry!

What you hope wasn’t the only reason you came to this school, via Shutterstock