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What We’re Thankful For

The first of many thanksgiving spreads that will appear on our site

The first of many thanksgiving spreads that will appear on our site

We know, we know, we said we were on break. But in honor of Thanksgivinukkah (is that how you spell it?), we bring to you in the spirit of annual tradition a small selection of the many, many things we’re grateful for this year. From people to food to certain late night haunts, here’s a moment of uncomplicated sentimentality in list form. Feel free to add in your own thanksiness in the comments, and have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

People Are The Most Important Things:

1020’s Tim
1020’s Alex
Admissions officers
People who care
Cris Beam
People who treat Columbia as a landmark
Pericles (EC security guard)
Your mom
Baby birds that look like running Brazil nuts
That kid that makes your heart skip a beat (fuck that, Bwog meant to say espresso)
Philosophy TAs
Cute TAs (no shame)
The sweet ladies at Liz’s Place
Barnard’s personal librarians
The people who work in Butler Cafe late at night
My parents (had to put that in there)
The kids who take massive tours through Butler
The Woodbridge security guards
Mica Moore
Nice roommates
The first subway musician to play Christmas music
Actually having friends in EC townhouses
Everything In Between

The Goon Squad
The hot apple guy at the greenmarket apple stand
Alex, the driver/dj of the barnard public safety shuttle/party bus
Photos of Millie the dancing bear on her facebook page
The Columbia Basketball Lions
The Westside employee who answers the phone “This is Westside, Whassup?”
Seeing those rare friends from home that I haven’t drifted from
Sassy engineers
Jessica Lange
Jessica Lange as THE SUPREME on American Horror Story Coven
Charlie Sheen
The fantastic friends I have made at Columbia University
Student Theatre Groups
My parents sending me lots of starchy foods and warm clothes
My half cat half bobcat Beans
My LitHum professor’s adorable accent
Lit Hum professors who still talk to you and advise you about life
My bestedest friends
Columbia’s faculty
Friends that will get drunk with you on a Sunday night
My partner
Friends who will distract me from homework by planning radical queer ‘zines
Liza Knapp
Bruce Robbins
Suitemates who bake cookies
James Baldwin
The chess players outside of Oren’s
Those children running around campus
That kid I’ve now bummed five cigarettes from and who always pretend like I didn’t
Good huggers
Lacey Tompkins
Cuddle Buddies
People to cuddle with
Robert Frost
Friends who help you survive breakups
Friends who help you survive hangovers
Friends who help you survive finals

Here, There, Everywhere:

Golden Nails
The 1 Train
The relatively easy subway system of New York
The fact that “1,020” will become a thing.
The fact that there is a world in which “1,020” could be a thing.
Snowonderful Columbia Campus
Cafe Amrita
The tunnel system of Barnard
The third floor reading room of the Diana
Late night at Hewitt
UNI Cafe
Butler 210
Brownie’s for always and ever
Cafe East and its lovely employees
The Metropolitan Opera
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir
The Strand
Central Park
The Strand stand in Central Park
Cheap student tickets to off-Broadway shows
Natural History Museum
The actual world
Parallel worlds

We Really Love Food:

Mozzarella Sticks at Lion’s Head
Coconut Water
Joe’s Coffee
Pumpkin pie at Hungarian
The creative writing coffee machine
IPA beer or just any beer really
Multigrain cheerios
Baked goods
Hot apple cider
Ramen and water heaters
Hot rooibos tea
The pizza delivery guy from Dominos earlier tonight.
The Food Network
Ina Garten
Dark chocolate bars
Diet Coke

Looking Good, Feeling Good:

Warm and fuzzy things
Scott J Salon’s walk-in availability
Lush products (all of them)
Coats that are long enough to cover your butt
Essie Nail Polish
Bobbi Brown
My beanie
The excuse the cold weather gives me to wear said beanie
Merino wool sweaters
Un-matching socks
Wearing a sweater and jeans every single day

Technology, Materiality, Material Comforts:

A functioning kitchen
A functioning bathroom
A (mostly) functioning heating system
FaceTime/other methods of video chatting
Gossip Girl/Netflix in general
Pretty Little Liars
Candy Crush
30 Rock on Netflix
8 seasons of Weeds on Netflix
All seasons of Seinfeld not on Netflix but rather on DVD and ready to go at any moment in my dorm
American Horror Story Coven
The card in Cards against Humanity that says “Three midgets shitting in a bucket”
Barnard public safety shuttle/party bus
Patterned cardstock for making Christmas cards
Stuffed animals that you decided to bring to college
The Chicago Bears blanket I stole from my brother when I was 2
The Wire
Emoji puns on a dumbphone

Brains, We Have Them:

Enjoying Metaphysics
Enjoying Enjoying Metaphysics (uh oh…this might get long)
The Stars and their super powers
The novels I brought with me from home
Check Mates
The Core

Experiential And Intangible:

A Funny Pun, Punny Fun
Those moments you hate but know you’ll laugh about in a few minutes/hours/days/weeks/months
Being able to close the door between my room and common room
Throwing up a good Delta Gamma
Duck tape, towels, a fan, and an open window
The glimpse of St. John when you’re walking on Broadway
Sex lives
When the trees are finally lit on college walk
Those damn tree lights (they just get to me, they really do)
That smile that makes me smile when I see it
Living 30 seconds away from Hamilton
Still getting mail from my family
A lyf


Bwog <3
You, Bwog reader.

A whole other kind of thanks via Shutterstock

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  • tl;dr says:

    @tl;dr everything

  • Sad Alum says:

    @Sad Alum Pericles really is the best. Can someone send him my love?

    1. Anon says:

      @Anon Do you have to comment on everything?

      1. Sad Alum says:

        @Sad Alum But… I…


  • Sad Alum says:

    @Sad Alum also is koronet really not on here?!

  • Blunts in Butler says:

    @Blunts in Butler Herbs.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 1,020 will never be a thing sorry bye

    1. MeanGirl says:

      @MeanGirl @Anonymous:

      Bwog, stop trying to make 1,020 happen! It’s not going to happen!

  • B says:

    @B I am also thankful for Mica Moore.

  • Nastasya Filippovna says:

    @Nastasya Filippovna <3 Liza Knapp <3

    1. Myshkin says:

      @Myshkin LIZA IS THE BEST

    2. Rogozhin says:

      @Rogozhin <3 paper knives <3

  • HBOB fan says:

    @HBOB fan It ain’t an EC party unless it’s with HBoB

  • Well says:

    @Well UNI cafe is the Pinnacle of gourmet foot in this neighborhood

    see what I did there?

  • 3+2 says:

    @3+2 get into columbia from any liberal arts college as long as you have a 3.3 lol. guaranteed admission. fuck this program. dilutes the degree and undermines the quality and reputation of columbia for those who actually worked their asses off to get in. it also only benefits rich people who could afford the extra degree.

    stop donating to columbia unless the 3+2 program is ended. hit them where it hurts: their wallets. I for one know I won’t be donating a cent until this ridiculousness has ceased

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous agreed. not only that, but you get a lot of people who have done math/physics and have already taken a lot of the classes they take in the junior year/have additional experience not many other people have and help mess up the curve… i definitely thankfully have good prospects for the future/unless i know for certain my money in some way won’t go into the 3+2 program, i won’t see myself donating to the school

    2. wut says:

      @wut as someone who used to work in the basement of the alumni call center, I can tell you that that’s a TERRIBLE idea. donations to the undergrad colleges overwhelmingly go towards funding financial aid packages for students who can’t afford Columbia themselves. unless the gift is designated, it doesn’t go toward 3+2; alternatively, you can just designate it only for College finaid.

      not donating doesn’t really hurt Columbia’s wallet/3+2. it just means less funding for financial aid and poor undergraduates.

  • anon says:

    @anon +1 for Mica as well, she’s pretty ace.

  • love of my life says:

    @love of my life BAD BITCH BOOSH

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Can you seriously get into Columbia with a 3.3 from another school?

  • insomniac says:

    @insomniac did you really forget insomnia in the food category???!!!!

  • Everyone says:


  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous also john from 1020

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