Earlier this semester, Spec bought Print@CU. Some technical issues came up soon after the fact, as evidenced by the many late-night angry tips we received. The obvious solution to this is just not to print anything out for the rest of the semester, but that may prove problematic for the next two weeks. But beyond some technical issues—switching servers is hard, guys—this week Print@ unveiled some ads that made you anonymous tipsters do…well, what you normally do in comments, but in our inboxes:

  • “Spec put garish advertisements all over Print@CU”
  • “There are big and annoying ads on print@cu”
  • “So spec just plastered print@cu with ads…. fuck those guys”

There are also some nasty rumors out there that italics and quotation marks get spontaneously deleted, but our mothers taught us never to gossip.

Some visuals, in case you haven’t had to print anything in the past two weeks:


Let the revolt begin.