Late last night we got a tip about an attack from the War on Fun (it’s back) that occurred at Saturday night’s Snowball Fight. We present the story to you in full:

Okay so in the middle of the snowball fight last [Saturday] night, a few dedicated souls opted to forgo the catharsis of violently hurling ice at each other and instead began trying to sled down the steps. A box was produced, someone tried to make use of an errant bag of salt, all to little effect. nbd. That was, until THIS GUY SHOWED UP:

great picture quality


As you can see from the blurry pics (hey, it was in the middle of a snowball fight) he showed up with not just one, but TWO KAYAKS



He was immediately interrupted by the War on Fun. I have since been informed that “He’s the president of the whitewater kayaking club and is defs talented enough to handle Columbia’s steps.” Unfortunately, it seems this argument was not persuasive enough for our furry-hatted friends.


They took him. The War on Fun took him.

Note that he also brought an oar. And was wearing board shorts. What a hero.