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Field Notes: Guess Who’s Back

Bwog at 1020.

Bwog at 1020.

The return from winter break marks that hallowed time when students actually go out at night instead of sleeping/doing homework/applying for jobs/[insert probably acceptable excuse here]. Let these notes from the field serve as your hazy memory of last night, (because Momma Bwog knows you don’t remember any of it.) Remember to send your stories to

Location Location Location

Apparently someone was having a party in what used to be ZBT’s brownstone, cause what do they have left to lose?

EC was reported as “not empty.” Reports have trickled in stating that “some seniors in EC threw a “freshman year throwback” party for which the price of admission was a photo of yourself from three years ago.” There was “much dancing on couches to golden oldies, ie Super Bass and Empire State of Mind.”  IE students have been forced to find ever increasingly creative ways to get drunk.

“In other news, EC was probably the classiest I’ve ever seen it on a Friday night.”

1020 was a late bloomer. At 12:46am she remained empty, but at 1:23am Sunday morning one tipster decided “1020 is crowded ish now but maybe I’m just drunker.”

For those looking for alternative locations to the Heights there was a “birthday party for a sophomore upstairs at Vareli on Saturday night. Saw multiple girls tripping down the stairs who didn’t know how to walk in heels while drunk, saw 2 girls’ tushies. Girls looked fun, flirty, and sorority-esque, but boys seemed odd and many had unnaturally colored hair.”

“Last night I walked down to 101st and got tacos at like 3am and I only realized it this morning when I saw the receipt.”

Things left behind after a Woodbridge party: “a cartoon of menthol Davidoff cigarettes from Hong Kong, duty free, corduroy pants, a (glass) Voss bottle refilled with enhanced water, Allen Edmonds bowling shoes (shoe horn and shoe stretcher included)… & my dignity.”

Bwog Braves Beta

  • “Beta had a thing last night. they kept me up with their loudness until four.” #bwogisanoldman
  • “I was at beta last night! It was awesome but my coat got soaked in beer (gross)” #bwogisthelifeoftheparty
  • “Was at beta, too!! It was decently crowded but not horribly so, though I didn’t venture into the basement.  One of my friends did and reemerged upstairs with a horrified look saying ‘it’s a bunch of children and they’re all having sex.'”

1020 gets weird(er)

  • “Went to 1020, and my friend whispered in my ear, “That’s his psycho ex-gf,” referring to this guy she hooked up with but is now so, like, totally over. The girl gives my friend a disgusted look and tells my friend that she hear her talking about her, and that’s not very nice to say. A few moments of very tense conversation came after that, until it hit them that they BOTH HATED THAT GUY. They actually hugged in the middle of 1020, literally squealing, and went to go gossip about him in a corner together. I looked over a few minutes later and they were taking a selfie together. It was all too much for me.”
  • “I got to 1020 late, no line.  My friends were talking to the bouncer outside and I was freezing and pushed forward and said to the bouncer “Excuse me but I have a very low tolerance for cold, can you please let us in?” and the bouncer started laughing because he wasn’t stopping us from going in, he was just talking to my friend and thus blocking the doorway.  So I said “then why the fuck are we still outside” and stormed in…and then my friends outside decided to go back to EC so i was just in 1020 by myself (…till i found my roommate in a booth.  Boys were being especially creepy and very bad at it – kept just sitting at our table with no opening line / excuse / explanation.  last call is a desperate, frightening time, y’all)”
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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous yes! thank god!

  • Blunts in Butler says:

    @Blunts in Butler Guess who’s really stoned right now? This guy.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous senior night?

  • happy bday marisa says:

    @happy bday marisa masquerade party??

  • Van Owen says:

    @Van Owen That’s not weird for 1020.

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