Those look heavy

Those look heavy

Good news! Human interaction with your professors is now totally unnecessary, if you’re in CC or GS (SIPA too, but who cares?).

The initiative to modernize the scheduling system continues with this update from the Registrar and CUIT. Now if you want to add or drop a class that requires instructor permission, starting February 3rd you can just submit an online request and SSOL will handle all requisite emailing automatically.

This is a truly earth-shattering development because it means laziness has prevailed. Instead of having  to use one of those weird pens and papers type things and run across campus for archaic hand delivery you can stay in bed (with Bwog) and still stay on top of your scheduling. Sleep-lovers rejoice. That’s people who love sleep not people who have sex in their sleep. Check out the original email blast below.

Dear Student:

In response to feedback from many of you, the Columbia University Office of the Registrar is pleased to announce that we will introduce electronic Add/Drop functionality for faculty and students on Monday, February 3. We have partnered with Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT) to provide a new Extended Add/Drop tool that will allow you to quickly and efficiently submit requests to “add” and “drop” courses electronically via Student Services Online (SSOL) after the Spring 2014 Change of Program period. The tool will launch as a pilot for students in the following participating schools: Columbia College, General Studies, and SIPA. (Please note that students in schools not participating in the Add/Drop pilot program will still need to use the paper form.)

As part of the functionality that the new tool offers, you may submit a request electronically via SSOL to add a course, drop a course, or switch sections of a course for which you have already registered. The request is automatically directed to the course instructor and your advisor, if required, for approval. If approval is granted, you will be notified via email and directed to complete the transaction in SSOL.

Additional resources, including an overview of the Extended Add/Drop tool and faculty user guide, are here on the Registrar’s website.

We look forward to providing this enhanced service to students through the use of this new tool. If you have questions, please write to us at


Barry S. Kane

’90s cutting edge, ’00s paperweights via Shutterstock