Princeton, ew.

The wrong type of cat

Princeton’s newspaper, The Daily Princetonian, published a piece on a male Columbia student suing the University for unjust trial and punishment during a sexual assault investigation in Spring 2013.

The student, referred to as John Doe in the suit, criticizes the University, saying that he was unfairly treated in a sexual assault case carried out by Columbia in which he received a year and a half suspension. John Doe further argues that the sexual intercourse between himself and the plaintiff female student in the University investigation was consensual, adding that it was the female student’s idea to engage in sexual intercourse.

The student’s suit against the University comes after a long semester of sexual assault awareness. Student groups have demanded that the administration improve its sexual assault policies, especially in dealing fairly and promptly with student’s sexual assault complaints. John Doe blames this recent protest by saying that he, the assailant, was wronged in the process rather than the plaintiff, as recent public accounts support portrays to be the problem in most sexual assault cases. The suit also claims John Doe’s rushed judicial process was a result of pressure of political movements on campus.

To view the entire suit from the student, see The Daily Princetonian’s copy uploaded online.

Inferior to Roaree via Wikimedia Commons