In the last week, campuses around the country have been reeling over an increased focus on sexual assault, and publications from all fronts have addressed the topic. Here at Columbia, the past seven days have featured lists of four alleged rapists in bathrooms in Hamilton, Lerner, and Butler.

On the morning of May 14, according to Spec, Emma Sulkowicz, CC ’15, filed a police report against Jean-Paul Nungesser, CC ’15, for alleged sexual assault.  Nungesser’s name appeared on the list circulating around campus listing the names of four alleged rapists.

According to Spec, Sulkowicz went to the police after finishing her finals on the 13th.  She filed a complaint with the NYPD after being dissatisfied with Columbia’s internal handling of the case.

Sulkowicz’s experience with the NYPD was harrowing, to say the least.  She describes the police as “dismissive,” as they emphasized the fact that she had engaged in earlier consensual sex with Nungesser and that she could not remember specific details of the attack, like what shoes Nungesser was wearing. They demanded graphic details, and one officer also allegedly told friends Sulkowicz brought for emotional support that he “didn’t believe [her] for a second.”

Sulkowicz, one of 23 survivors who recently filed a Title IX claim against Columbia, was also featured in a Time Magazine video, part of Time’s recent feature on sexual assault on college campuses. Sulkowicz writes, “The Columbia administration is harboring serial rapists on campus. They’re more concerned about their public image than keeping people safe.”

Columbia University has declined to comment on the matter.