It’s (almost) this easy!

This is just a friendly/frantic reminder that the applications to be a Staff Writer for Bwog are due tomorrow night at 12:01 am.  If you enjoy writing pretty much anything—because we cover anything—or if you hate writing but are awesome at it, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.  Start (or finish) your application now!

In addition (or if the last paragraph didn’t interest you), you should definitely apply to be one of our daily editors—a small cult group of editors responsible for writing Bwoglines and ensuring that the posts scheduled on their day of the week make it on to the site on schedule.  It’s an exciting way to get involved with Bwog and see what it’s like running the site.  The application is due by 12:01 a.m. on this Saturday, 9/14, and anyone who is applying to be a daily editor will also be considered for Staff Writer.

The application to be a daily can be found here, and the application for Staff Writer can be found here.  Just email your completed applications to editors@bwog.com by the appropriate due date for the position you’re applying for.  Apply today!

Application of the future via Shutterstock