Bwog feels thankful

As part of an annual tradition, we’re once again bringing to you a small snippet of the many things we’re thankful for, from roommates to alcohol to understanding TAs. Comment below some of the things you’re thankful for this year!

The Pals:

Zayn Malik (and his hair)
My amazeballs roomie Gwendolyn
My suitemates
The ladies at Liz’s Place
My mom
Emily Gilmore
St. Vincent (she’s going to get me through finals)
Joan Didion
My very lax TA
Jake Gyllenhaal (and his beard)
Mindy Kaling
Tina Fey
My Lit Hum prof
My RA Peter
Azealia Banks
Meatloaf the musical artist
Ramen hair-era Justin Timberlake
Friends who have as many problems as you do

The entire staff of Brownie’s Cafe
The cute architecture students in Brownie’s Cafe
My roommate Emily (<3)
My nine-year-old brother and sister
James Joyce
Professors who are still your friend after you leave their class
Professors who are not your friend but still for some reason put up with your bullshit
Mike the Carman security guard

The Places:

The Barnard tunnels
Places that don’t card
Places that only card on the weekends
Westside (free samples for dinner)
Nussbaum & Wu
My dating apps folder

The Cozy Things in Life:

Dogs in sweaters/booties
Gilmore Girls on Netflix
Owning a coffee machine
My dog’s reaction every time I come home
Every photo my mom sends me of our cats
Red wine
White wine
Marnie the Dog

Oh, CU:

Never having an 8:40 class
Getting into all of my L-courses
Amazon two-day shipping
Lectures that don’t take attendance
Legal pads
Graduating in 3 semesters
Free (and discounted) CU student museum admission
Being FB friends with all of my former TAs
Toilet seat covers in the bathrooms in Uris

And, of Course, Food:

Things that don’t smell like hotdogs (?)
The M4 (bus and sandwich)
Bananas (again)
Accidental whippits
Damn good coffee

Can we eat already? via Shutterstock