It's coming back

Sorry, folks

Bacchanal has officially sold out of all 4,000 tickets as of tonight according to the Bacchanal board. With sales beginning at 8 AM, the concert was able to sell all tickets in less than 12 hours. Given the statement from Bacchanal yesterday afternoon, students who did not purchase a ticket today will not be able to attend the concert next month.

A statement from Bacchanal board will be released later tonight on the issue.

Update: March 10, 11:41 AM: The Bacchanal committee released the following statement in regards to why there was a cap on tickets sold as well as the decision to sell tickets for the concert.

1. Why is there a cap this year?

After reviewing our event, campus partners felt that there was a need to set a capacity allowed in the Bacchanal venue space, and capped attendance at 4,000. Efforts were made to look for viable solutions but in order to maintain a safe a secure event, the cap could not be increased. The Bacchanal board sincerely apologizes to any student who can’t attend the concert due to this limit, but any capacity decisions are completely out of our hands.

2. Why is Bacchanal selling tickets this year?

The decision to sell tickets was not taken lightly. The Bacchanal committee is committed to annually providing the Columbia community with a quality event, and one that is safe, fun, and secure. This year the committee faced additional costs associated with event improvements made after meeting with the four Undergraduate Deans and various campus partners. We will have an increased Public Safety and CU-EMS presence, a Medical Tent, food and water, and more to address the concerns expressed to us by campus partners and fellow students. Further, due to the fact that this event is funded by undergraduate student fees, campus partners expressed interest in registering and ticketing students to ensure that attendees were limited to current undergraduate students. Lastly, the committee wanted to ensure a relevant and exciting artist, and felt that selling tickets was necessary to meet all needs and present a high quality concert.

Please refer to our press releases or email us with any unanswered questions.