Columbia_University_-_Low_Memorial_Library-DYesterday, the University Senate’s Student Affairs Committee elected this year’s Chair and Vice-Chairs–Marc Heinrich (CC ’16) will serve as Chair of the committee, and Emily Moore (SEAS Graduate School) and Ramis Wadood (CC ’16) will serve as Vice-Chairs. You can read the full press release below:

Student Affairs Committee Elects Leadership for 2015-2016 Academic Year

NEW YORK, April 7, 2013 [sic]–The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) of the Columbia University Senate elected Marc Heinrich (CC ’16) to serve as Chair in the next academic year and Emily Moore (SEAS Graduate School) and Ramis Wadood (CC ’16) as Vice-Chairs. As the three senators on the SAC Executive Committee, Marc, Emily, and Ramis will set SAC’s agenda, lead the student senator caucus, and serve as three of the 13 members of the Senate Executive Committee.

SAC comprises the 25-elected student senators and observers within the Columbia University Senate. As a committee of the University Senate, SAC is the only body that comprehensively represents 36,000 students across all 20 constituent and affiliated schools of Columbia University. With its broad mandate and unique position, SAC takes an active role in university governance.

“We are honored to have been elected to lead SAC next year. It’s been a pleasure to work with SAC this year and we have consistently been impressed by the work from each senator on our committee. We plan to continue to improve SAC and ensure it serves as an effective advocate for students across the University and look forward to addressing a wide range of initiatives in the coming year,” said Marc, Emily, and Ramis in a statement.