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Field Notes: Cinco De Mayo Edition

Bound to give you a horrible hangover in the morning

Bound to give you a horrible hangover in the morning

Ah, Cinco de Mayo, the favorite holiday of frats/srats and other cultural appropriators everywhere. Here’s what some Columbia students did on the holiday/the first day of reading week.

  • Went into a fit of rage at Amigo’s after not getting seated 45 minutes after my RESERVATION TIME. Went to the Heights where I had some good margs. Drunkenly twerked to Shania Twain.
  • Went to Amigo’s (with previous Bwogger). It was packed (as expected), but we had a reservation and still weren’t seated like 40 minutes later. The hostess was just super stressed out, and literally walked out of the restaurant. lol
  • I actually did go to the midnight breakfast at the church. I also got tickets to Spec dinner WHICH I FOREWENT FOR MIDNIGHT BREAKFAST.
  • Went to Beta formal. Fell and skinned my knees before even getting into the cab to go to the venue. Went back to my room afterward, and a random brother (who had accompanied my suitemate back) had locked himself in my bathroom and passed out.
  • Got drunk-called by someone at the Beta formal. Closed my window in anticipation of the Circle of Life.
  • Got caught up on The Wicked + The Divine which is SUCH A GOOD SERIES HOLY SHIT. In other news, I’m going to get back into comics over the summer since I stopped keeping up halfway through February.
  • Spent a lot of my day trying to track down a lost check. Turns out my boss lost my timesheet. The HR person I talked to said I had a cool UNI, though.
  • Woke up drunk. Had a special night with my new rice cooker (the fucker does meat, vegetables, and rice at the same time). Went to bed just shy of ten.

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  • Simba says:

    @Simba you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the circle of life blackout

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