Wake up! You're missing Deantini's speech!

Wake up! You’re missing Deantini’s speech!

It’s been a long two days, and you’re tired. So are the RAs who helped you move in, and the OLs who walked you from Columbia to the moon and back. But get yourself up and running, or sleep in a bit and grab breakfast in John Jay—your first true taste of the Columbia dining hall experience, or whatever that means. Just be warned: If you find yourself falling asleep in your first LitHum lecture, you’ll probably get noticed, and if you do, don’t count out getting called on, or worse, laughed at. And if you manage to stay awake? Good for you! Just make sure you stay awake when Deans Boyce and Valentini speak to their respective schools (9-10:15 am; CC in Roone, SEAS in 309 Havemeyer), and send interesting things you see, hear, and do to tips@bwog.com before passing out on your bed.

Today’s Highlights: 

  • First LitHum lecture, Roone Auditorium, 11 am-12:30 pm. Most students aren’t even on campus yet, but you already have your first class. Bring your copy of the Iliad and a notebook and get to work! Remember to dress well and make a good first impression, and sit in the back so that when you fall asleep, it’s not quite as obvious.
  • Stay Active: Sculpt, Dodge Fitness Center (Aerobics Room 3), 1:00-2:00 pm. Get a head start on staving off the freshman 15, or go work off all the free food you ate and will eat throughout NSOP. You might even learn proper weight-lifting form!
  • Community Night Out, various locations, 10 pm. Take a tour throughout the city you’ll be finding yourself lost in over the next four years with your new floor mates and RA. You’ll even get to decide on your destination! Our recommendation: avoid Times Square. And if you actually do get lost? The streets are numbered.

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: New York City is a beautiful place with so much to see and do, and your CUID carries a lot of power throughout the city’s cultural roadmap. So use your time before things get really busy and run this town.

From The Archives: In 2012, NSOPers were disappointed by the lack of animal appearances at the Bronx Zoo.

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