The Sundial is the place to be

The Sundial is the place to be

Columbia University’s Native American Council will be celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day today, in lieu of Columbus Day, and with good reason—so take this opportunity to cast off second-grade history (replete with offensive pageants and revisionist history) and stop moaning about having class today. They will be on College Walk all day to promote several activities: there will be a petition to recognize the Lenni-Lenape people with a plaque on campus, an eye-opening quote-matching game, and boards for posting public comments. Look out for the open mic from 6 to 7 pm at the Sundial, featuring poetry, songs, and spoken word performances from community members.

Protest outside Diana

People outside Diana

Update, 11:40 am: There was a gathering outside the Diana Center at Barnard in support of divestment from fossil fuels. The chalk writing on the ground reads, “Barnard profits from the exploitation of people and the environment.” Another one reads, “Defend our Mother Earth.”

Update, 4:30 pm: The chalk drawing advocating for divestment is apparently unconnected to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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