Senior Aboveground flies with the blessing of Hawkma herself

Senior Aboveground flies with the blessing of Hawkma herself

A shadowy group styling itself as “Senior Aboveground” made itself known with an email to the entire senior class a few hours ago. The email appears to be some kind of strange, cryptic, free verse poetry, composed by those who would rather be conspiring than studying for midterms.

The email reads as follows:

To hell with Senior “Ünderground”

We’re legit as fuck.
We don’t hide in a hole.
We’re seniors.

We’re aboveground.
We’re on the roof of Low.
We’re flying.

We also know that $15 ≠ $5.
And we don’t have two balls an umlaut weighing us down.

Look out for more soon.



Who is running this strange new organization? Is it at all related to the slightly-better-known Senior Underground, or is it something else entirely? What does “$15 ≠ $5” mean? What events do they have planned? Why did they choose the roof of Low instead of the roof of Butler for their meetings? Are there snacks at their meetings? Can they really call themselves “Senior Aboveground” when, technically, they’re still underground in the conventional sense of the word? This email has truly left us here at Bwog with more questions than answers.

More on this shadowy organization as it develops.

The majestic Hawkma via Bwog Archives