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One Barnard dorm’s elevators are not like every other dorm’s elevators. Do they contain a dark secret, or have they just not been renovated since the fifties? Senior Staffer Betsy Ladyzhets investigates. Imagine – it’s 11:30 pm on a Sunday. I’ve got a mound of dirty clothes taking up space beside my bed and a […]

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One of the events featured on last weekend’s “Where Art Thou” list is a performance by Ensemble Signal, tonight at the Miller Theatre, of music by Steve Reich, an American composer well-known for his work in the genre of minimal music. At first glance, we didn’t think much of this event; most of us aren’t interested in “four […]

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Betsy Ladyzhets, like most college students, uses her school email pretty frequently. So, when her emails started mysteriously going to a strange hotmail account instead of to her, she was, understandably, less than pleased. Explanations for this phenomenon may or may not be forthcoming. Last week, I was applying for a work-study position for next […]

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A shadowy group styling itself as “Senior Aboveground” made itself known with an email to the entire senior class a few hours ago. The email appears to be some kind of strange, cryptic, free verse poetry, composed by those who would rather be conspiring than studying for midterms. The email reads as follows: To hell with […]

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In quaint Hewitt fashion, a temporary beeping noise (barely) interrupts diners just about every hour. The reliable noise causes no one to stir, and people continue to munch, socialize, or watch Netflix on a side table. But what is the source? Aliens? An undercover Soviet sleeper cell? PrezBo’s private subway stop? Daily Editor Betsy Ladyzhets, unlike […]

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A large fire destroyed an apartment complex in Edgewater, New Jersey last night.  You may have seen the inferno blazing for several hours across the river.  A few firefighters were hurt, and there were no additional injuries. ( Sheldon Silver, speaker of the NY Assembly for more than twenty years, has been arrested on corruption […]

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A few weeks ago, we at Bwog received an interesting and moderately disturbing tip about the Columbia Calling Center, a fairly popular place for first years to work to earn a little bit of extra money: “Could you investigate what’s going on with the columbia calling center? There’s this thread on b@b that’s talking about […]

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October 2, 2023
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September 30, 2023
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Barnard On Affirmative Action
September 30, 2023

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