...pretty much.

…pretty much.

Barnard College’s plethora of unique traditions (who else stuffed themselves to the gills at Big Sub, be honest) are always something to look forward to. Even though the college is undergoing some huge changes right now (RIP BarnLib) and some less-huge changes (the Magnolia is only moving a 10-second walk away, you can relax), its famous and infamous rituals are going nowhere, thanks to the McIntosh Activities Council’s hard work.

All you hungry boys and girls need not worry–Barnard’s annual Midnight Breakfast, a finals- time tradition, will still go on though its former venue is now full of dust, books, and (hopefully not) small rodents. The new location of Midnight Breakfast is Barnard’s very own Lehman Hall, where students are invited to nosh on their favorite breakfast treats at midnight on Wednesday, December 16. We love you, McAC!

Get there early and steal all the good stuff. Ok, maybe leave us a pancake or two…

Real Photo Evidence Of Us Eating Pancakes via Shutterstock