Restore the orb!

It’s that time of night–when the moody and lonely Columbia student within you comes out, and you decide to drunkenly take a walk to “clear your head” or whatever. Here’s a playlist for lying(/meditating/crying/sobering up) on the sundial. Try to refrain from shouting “Take me now!” to the heavens (been there, done that).

  1. Kifak Inta by Fairuz – A song for reminiscing about former love interests (and how they probably ruined 1020 for you).
  2. Kiss It Better by Rihanna – Rihanna recounts a late night with a past lover in which she tries to get them back, and she offers us (often arrogant) Columbia students a reminder–”Man, fuck your pride.”
  3. Soleil rare by The Pirouettes – “Le jour se lève sur les grands boulevards / Tu es un rêve, un soleil rare”: In this song, you feel the headiness of a night out and the confusion that can follow the next morning.
  4. The Way by Kehlani feat. Chance The Rapper – “She said, ‘I ain’t even made my bed up’ / Watch your step, you gon’ wake my [roommate] up”: For those of you who aren’t ending the night alone ;)
  5. iT’s YoU by ZAYN – The latest from Zayn, a ballad with a relatable double meaning–one of straddling the line between internalizing the failures of a relationship and projecting them all onto one’s ex.
  6. Drunk Walk Home by Mitski – (The song title is self-explanatory)
  7. World Princess part II by Grimes – “Don’t be unkind / You’re so far behind me”: We interpret this as Grimes either talking about the line outside of 1020, or about feelings of insecurity (familiar to us Columbia students).