EC. Or. Die.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a spot in your beloved greek brownstone. The EC townhouses are their second cousins, letting you live out your (or sratty) dreams. 

Location: 70 Morningside Dr.

  • Nearby dorms: Wien, Prezbo’s house.
  • Stores and restaurants: Hamilton Deli, Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor (grad students!), Subsconscious, Flat Top, Friedman’s, Appletree Market.

Cost: $10,120/year


  • Bathrooms: One private bathroom per suite: shower, bathtub, sink, toilet (with a stall!).
  • AC/Heating: Yes to both.
  • Kitchen: Each townhouse has a recently remodeled kitchen with lots of counter-top space. The island can also be used as a bar.
  • Lounge: Spacious lounges in every townhouse. Lounges are adjacent to the kitchens, so you can make excellent use of the island/bar.
  • Laundry: A ton of machines in the basement.
  • Computers/Printers: Computers and printers available on floors 10 and 18 in the highrises (and in the main lobby).
  • Gym: The highrises have two cardio rooms on 8th and 16th floors.
  • Intra-Transportation: 1 flight of stairs to the upper townhouses. Ground-level townhouses are on the ground (duh).
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Depends on your luck—the townhouses tend to have some carpeted bedrooms and some that aren’t.
  • Wifi: Obviously.
  • Bonus: Tons of storage space! A coat closet! How fancy!

Room variety:

  • 10 townhouse 4-person suites with 4 singles.
  • 12 townhouse 6-person suites with 4 singles and 1 double.
  • 28 townhouse 6-person suites with 6 singles


  • 4-person suites (4 singles) 2015 cutoff 30/1823; 2014 cutoff 30/992
  • 6-person suites (4 sgl / 1 dbl), 2015 cutoff 30/2300; 2014 cutoff 30/2175
  • 6-person suites (all singles), 2015 cutoff 30/1688; 2014 cutoff 30/1804

Bwog recommendation:

  • Senior-year perfection. Great location for hosting parties, and you get to feel like a somewhat-real adult. Not having a view is kind of a bummer, but maybe you’ll be too drunk to notice?

Resident opinion:

  • “There’s a good number of noise complaints, weekends especially, but overall it’s definitely one of the better living situations.”