A typical Sulz double; probably much cleaner than yours will be

A typical Sulz double; probably much cleaner than yours will be

The fourth in our freshpeople housing reviews 2016 series, Bwog gives you the inside scoop on Sulzberger Hall–different from Sulzberger Tower, an upperclassmen dorm attached to the top 8 floors of Sulz Hall. Fond residents refer to it as “Sulz,” meaning no one really knows how to spell the “berger” part (u or e?).

Location: 3009 Broadway (The Quad).

Nearby dorms: Reid, Brooks, Hewitt, the 600’s.

Stores and restaurants: MoWillies, halal cart/food trucks, Vine sushi, m2m, Starbucks, Sweetgreen.

Cost: $9,230


  • Bathrooms: A women’s only and a gender-neutral (on the Reid side) for each floor. Cleaned daily.
  • AC/Heating: Yes! And you can control it yourself!
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Each floor has a lounge with a TV, table (except Sulz 2!), chairs, and couches, as well as a kitchen area with sink, stove, oven, and cabinets. The lounge-kitchen is shared between residents of Brooks, Reid, and Sulz on each floor, since all three halls are connected. That means a lot of ladies, so sometimes the lounges are full and/or kitchen areas gross. Make a pact with your floor at the beginning of the year to CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES.
  • Laundry: Each floor has two laundry machines and two dryers. There are additional machines and dryers on the Brooks side. Unfortunately, laundry is not free, and you pay using a plastic card you can refill in the Sulz or Hewitt lobbies.
  • Computers/printers: Two lovely tech labs in the basement, complete with computers, printers, and a scanner. Bring your own stapler/hole punch, though.
  • Intra-transportation: Four elevators in lobby, relatively fast. (Technically the two elevators on right side are for Sulz Tower residents, but this rule isn’t enforced). Four staircases, two on each end of the Sulz/Reid corridor.
  • Hardwood/carpet: No hardwood. Carpet in hallway. Grey linoleum in rooms. Tile in bathroom.
  • WiFi: Yes! But beware–Barnard Secure WiFi is really shitty!

A typical floor plan.

A typical floor plan.

Room variety:

  • Doubles: Majority of rooms on each floor. Some are slightly bigger than others; most have two windows.
  • Triples: Usually three on each floor. We’ll be honest–living in a triple will probably be cramped.
  • Quad: Usually one on each floor. This is pretty big, even though all the beds are in the same room.
  • 8th floor has some rooms that accommodate disability housing.

Bwog recommendations:

  • Sulz is the best hall, in many a first year’s opinion, because it has AC. However, AC is really only relevant to the first and last two weeks or so of each school year. The real clutch with Sulz is the ability to control your own heat (and AC).
  • Sulz is also nice because it is newer than Reid and Brooks. Windows are easier to open, rooms are uniformly shaped. That being said, Sulz lacks the charm a Brooks double w/ bay window might have.
  • The lounge can be a good place to hang out, though not always the best for getting homework done. If you go at off-peak hours, you may have the lounge to yourself. This is often not the case, however. Most first years flock to the lounges.
  • One well-kept secret is Sulz 2. It has a small lounge that is usually un-populated. Many people forget that this floor exists because there is no Brooks 2.
  • Finally: Don’t smoke in your room. You will get caught. Small pregames with alcohol, however, are totally okay.

Resident opinions:

  • “This might be the best housing I’ll ever have, if it weren’t for my roommate.”
  • “Nice view of Broadway but AC is overrated (currently blowing lukewarm air).”
  • “I’m lucky because my room faces Broadway, so I can tell from the street looking at the lights in the window if my roommate is there.”
  • “Best Barnard first year dorm ever.”
  • “Most disgusting kitchen I have seen in my life.”
  • “Sulz is really nice. I once saw someone changing in the Hewitt room across the quad.”