Are you a classy group of seniors too good for EC? Then Hogan is the right dorm for you. Situated at the corner of happy and healthy, Hogan resides behind Carman along 114th, with easy access to Bernheim and Mel’s, or the subway, if you’re a downtown kind of girl.

Location: 566 W. 114th St. (shares an entrance with Broadway on 114th)

  • Nearby dorms: Broadway, Carman, Ruggles, Theta & Co.
  • Shops and stores: Everything your heart could desire, from International to Amigos, Bernheim to Häagen Dazs, Book Culture (the smaller one), and University Housewares

Cost: $10,120/year (same as Claremont, EC, Ruggles, Watt, Woodbridge)


  • Bathrooms: One private bathroom per suite, cleaning weekly by staff.
  • AC/Heating:  No AC, but heating in each bedroom.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: One (fairly large) kitchen per suite. Includes a full-sized fridge, dishwasher, stove, oven, and microwave, with ample cupboard space. Each suite has a large lounge, and some lounges even have a closet!
  • Laundry: One laundry room on the seventh floor (reminder: laundry is free).
  • Computers/ Printers: Shared computer lab with Broadway Hall on the third floor.
  • Intra-transportation: One elevator, seven floors. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  • Hardwood/ Carpet: Hardwood in bedrooms and suites.
  • Wi-Fi: Yes.

Room Variety:

  • Four- , five-, or six-person suites with singles that range from kinda ehh (~116 ft) to first-year double-sized (~149 ft). This place is all singles, which means you gotta be a senior to have any chance at all.
  • Each suite comes with one kitchen, one bathroom, and a nice, big lounge.
  • Corner rooms have two windows, others only have one.
  • All suites were renovated between 2010 and 2011. Fuck yeah.


  • 4-person suites: 30/2252 (2015), 30/957 (2014)
  • 5-person suites: 30/673 (2015), 30/1359 (2014)
  • 2 in 4-person suite w/ RA: 30/1126 (2015), 30/1753 (2014)
  • 4 in 6-person suite w/ RA: 30/2826 (2015)
  • 4-person suite w/ SRA: 30/2826 (2015)

Bwog Recommendation:

  • You better be a group of all seniors, otherwise you’re SOL. Also, none of you better be going abroad in the Fall semester, otherwise say hello to Watt, River, or Broadway! There are three 4-person suites and two 5-person suites per floor, so take that into account when it comes time to pick in-person and you have to decide who to drop to online selection (oops!). If all else fails, take an EC high-rise and hope you have better luck during Senior Scramble.

Resident Opinions:

  • “One of my suitemates is absolutely crazy, but I guess that’s my own fault.”
  • “Way better than EC, let’s be real. Easy access to food, bars, and International. What else could you want?”
  • “I didn’t like the aesthetics of EC, the distance and coldness.  It’s like a prison! Hogan is way warmer.”
  • “Wood floors, clean kitchens, big lounges, all singles. Only downside is the hit-or-miss elevator.”
  • “Lack of heating control makes it really hot and uncomfortable sometimes.”
  • “The laundry room is kinda small.”