That's a lot of code for a secret letter.

That’s a lot of code for a secret letter.

Bwog (pretends) we got our hands on the diary of one of the CDCJ activists who slept in Low for 8 days and…let’s just say…well, let’s let it speak for itself. Enjoy!

Friday, 4/15
Dear Diary,

It’s the morning after my first night sleeping in Low Library. I feel…different. I can’t believe it happened.

The bathrooms aren’t that bad and honestly the floor wasn’t too hard, because I used my yoga mat under my sleeping bag as a pad. I only wish PrezBo were here.

I’m excited for a new day of protest!

-Passionate environmental activist

Friday night
Dear Diary,

I’m lying down for my second night. (I can’t believe it’s happening again! Can I sleep here forever?) It’s been a weird day. I really, really wish PrezBo were actually here.

-Tired but excited activist

Saturday 4/16
Dear Diary,

Wow! Another day. Okay…last night…I (we) had a visit from Rules Administrator Suzanne Goldberg. Tbh she’s kind of hot. She yelled at us a lot and, well, I kind of agreed with some of what she was saying. Or, at least, her voice was super sexy.

PrezBo still isn’t here, but I’ll take Goldberg over him any day! Please come back! And don’t expel us!

I wonder if she found my vibrator when they locked our stuff in his office (will I get it back?)?

-I’m weak

Monday 4/18
Dear Diary,

I haven’t been able to write because I’m feeling less and less like my old self. I feel like a new person. Sleeping here is changing me. I’ve been reading up on rules violations rules and even though they are vague af I can’t help thinking that what Goldberg said was—is—right. PrezBo isn’t here. What are we accomplishing? We don’t even really know what the university invests in…maybe our efforts are futile…but at least I’ve gotten to meet cool people and see my face in the tabloids (Bwog wrote about us!).

P.S. – I got my vibrator and my other stuff back.

Tuesday 4/19
Dear Diary,

I’ve been listening to “Ain’t no time” by Future on repeat…One of my fellow protestors just turned in their thesis from here…a kind soul gave me some drags on his cigarette through the bathroom window yesterday. Goldberg hasn’t come back and PrezBo isn’t here either. I’ve been reading more of the university rules and conduct handbook.

All I want is an spiked shake from Mel’s!
-lonely activist

Wednesday 4/20
Dear Diary,

I’m missing 4/20 and senior night in the same day. The voices call to me.

-Fuck fossil fuels

Thursday 4/21
Dear Diary,

I am a sick man I am a wicked man. I want to save the planet but the Good Goldberg has given me another mission.

-New hope

Friday 4/22
Dear Diary,

100 people slept on the steps last night in “support”…as if they knew…
But now I’m gone. I’m out. We left, and I have a new purpose–Goldberg met with me privately to discuss the new terms of our agreement…I can’t really disclose exactly but, let’s just say divestment ain’t happening any time soon.

“Sleeper” (cell) activist

Secrets are no fun via South Devon Players / CC BY 3.0