This could be you if you're cool (hot?) enough

This could be you if you’re cool (hot?) enough

Finals season–fun, or focus? What is it really about? We’d lean towards the former. You can study, and still have a lot of fun, too. Even if you aren’t winning the Kentucky Derby like this horse, you can *win* at finals season with our gnarly study tips below.

Bwogline: A horse named Nyquist (Nyquil? no) just won the 142nd Kentucky Derby, prolonging his 8-0 winning streak, and creating hope for a Triple Crown.

Study Tip: Bwog has spent the past three days in a row buckled down at Max Caffé, on 123rd and Amsterdam, and we highly recommend the Euro-Bohemian atmosphere, lack of speedy WiFi, and chill waitstaff (we bought one drink and spent six hours here) as conducive to studying.

Music: We are really into PWR BTTM (short for Power Bottom) as of late. It’s sad but also edgy (they started at Bard). Good to wander around to, masturbate to, or study to if you’re into that!

Procrastinate: Look at off-campus apartments on Craigslist…in MoHi, or anywhere, really. Imagine your future! (Make sure to filter out results without pictures). Go deeper and look for furniture, cars, cats…a job…Craigslist has it all.

Overseen In Butler 209: A table with a centerpiece of lit candles, and a desktop with a flickering Yule Log screensaver. Way to stay classy and aromatic.

Yule Log via Wikimedia Commons