barnardThis evening, Dean Hinkson sent an email informing Barnard students of a change to the college’s Pass/D/Fail policy. The new policy states that students who choose to P/D/F a class can now uncover their grade up until the program filing deadline of the following semester. Previously, Barnard students were unable to uncover grades after they elected to P/D/F.

Below is the full text of the email from Dean Hinkson:

Dear Barnard Students,

I write to inform you that, effective Fall 2016, the College will implement a new policy regarding Pass/D/Fail.

This policy, passed by a vote of the Faculty on May 2, 2016, will replace the old policy for all students.

The major change that defines the new policy is the removal of the restriction against uncovering grades. Effective Fall 2016, all students who elect P/D/F will be able to uncover their grade until the program filing deadline of the semester following the one in which P/D/F was elected.

The new and current policy may be found at, and additional important details are outlined.

The Committee on Instruction (COI) and the Faculty are pleased with these changes and look forward to implementing the new policy.

Thank you, and have a wonderful semester.


Avis Hinkson
Dean of the College

Barnard Gates via Barnard Admissions