Isn’t “Greek Rank” a thing?

From time to time, we like to arrange the various elements of Columbia life into a ranking of sorts, dividing the good from the bad, and the beautiful from the unseemly. In the light of Delta Gamma’s latest successful iteration of their philanthropic Anchor Splash, we felt it necessary to rank the public showcases contained in the Anchor Splash 2016 preview. Here are our objective choices showing which competing teams that submitted a video for the Anchor Splash preview video placed well and which placed badly.

  1. Sigma Chi – Good showing from a traditional heavy hitter in the Columbia Greek scene. Their appearance as first in the Anchor Splash video as well as their relatively long preview in the video cement their place as top dog in the Delta Gamma mindset. Their routine is (mostly) in sync, and they play off as invested in the competition while still showing some fun. Solid performance, Sig Chi. But when are you gonna throw another party?
  2. Sig Ep – Sig Ep obviously put a lot of effort into their routine and, more importantly for Bwog, their performance. Some well-planned charisma went on with their DG counterparts, and we’re glad their section was short enough to disallow any unseemly material from lengthening their video.
  3. Pike – Pike gets a bad rap, but, like every other fraternity or sorority member does in America, all they can really do is blame other Pikes. Good showing for coordination—the differences in group timing between the beginning and end really show a progressing of skill.
  4. AEPi – We’re always glad to say how normal AEPi looks in official representation of their fraternity to the general population. Good moves, well coordinated, and well shot—all positives for us. They had some interesting creative choices at the end, but all in good DG spirit, we suppose.
  5. KDR – Gotta work harder to capture our interest. Somehow they manage to seem both too into it and not into it at all. Weird signals going on.
  6. Delta Sig – This felt very Delta Sig at its core. No real performance at all. No further comment.
  7. Sig Nu – Ugh. No.
  8. Lambda – Old moves are only worse when they’re uncoordinated.
  9. Fiji – We got a One Direction vibe, but not in a good way.
  10. ZBT – Nice try, guys.