All you need is Vogue

All you need is Vogue

Bwogline: What are you doing while reading Bwog? Researchers found out that multitasking “produces shallower thinking, reduces creativity, increases errors and lowers our ability to block irrelevant information.” (BBC)

Study Tip: Turn off your phone, leave the Columbia buy/sell memes Facebook group. You have just doubled your study time.

Music: There is nothing more exciting than quietly jamming out to music in the Stacks, pulling your head out of the books and seeing your fellow Columbian suffer. While reading week might be barren and dry, you can spice it up with FKA twigs’ ethereal, eargasmic voice. Or this amazing cover  by #1 Dads with Tom Snowdon.

Procrastination: Take a luxurious shower. You know you haven’t for too long.

Overheard: “I am tired by choice.”

She is better than every one of us via PitchFork