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Bwoglines: America Is Weird Edition



Rise and shine, Columbia! Today’s Bwoglines bring you Lady Gaga, New Yorkers being positive and helpful (yes—you read that right), senatorial call-ins, and my creepy calculus teacher feeling up a tree in the woods. For all that and more, read on!

Happening in the nation: Yesterday, Lady Gaga put on a jaw-dropping performance between two halves of some football game. She descended from the roof in an elaborate sparkly shoulder-padded leotard of insanity, crushing men and weak souls everywhere. Oh, also, the Patriots beat the Falcons 34-28 in overtime. This win makes Tom Brady the first and only quarterback to have won five Super Bowls. So, do with that what you will.

Happening in NYC: As you may have already seen in a widely-shared Facebook post, this weekend someone vandalized the inside of our beloved 1 train by scrawling swastikas on the glass panels overy every advertisement. Immediately, the New Yorkers inside the car got to work. They fished out hand sanitizer (the alcohol removes Sharpie) and scrubbed all the glass clean. By the time they got to the next top, all the swastikas were gone. Way to go, New York. I love you.

Happening on campus: Today, College Democrat clubs from over 20 different universities are holding a nationwide Capitol Hill call-in. These clubs (including Columbia’s!) will be setting up booths in their student centers with information about how to call your senators and what to say, as well as with iPhone chargers galore (so that there’s no excuse for not calling). Columbia College Dems will be stationed both on the Lerner ramps as well as in the Diana center. Stop by one of their booths, call your senators, and tell them off!

Overheard: *In Ferris. Someone ordered pasta but then never came back to pick up their bowl.* “These kids need to leave their John Jay manners in John Jay. There’s no reason to taint innocent Ferris like this.”

Weirdo teachers: When I was in 10th grade, my precalculus teacher told us that he used to be in a metal rock screamo band. After extensive online digging, I have found their music video. He’s the one caressing the tree at 0:10. Behold. (Viewer discretion is advised).


Photo via Us Weekly.

Youtube video via my personal hell. 

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  • an admirer says:

    @an admirer Sarah Kinney’s bwoglines are my favorite bwoglines.

  • music snob says:

    @music snob metal rock screamo? that makes no sense. that is somehow an oxymoron and redundant at once? all metal is “rock”, is it not? and screamo is a portmanteau for “screaming” and “emo”, both which are still “rock” and also not “metal”. therefore, you have proven your inability to write about alternative music. please refrain from using such terms again.

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