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Field Notes: One Last Hurrah Edition

merry chrysler!

As the last weekend of fall semester comes to a close, Columbia still manages to have some meaningful events: like Orgo Night, Primal Scream, and lots and lots of exams. :(

Bwog Tries To Study

  • Had a MIDTERM
  • Finally sent out my resume/cover letter
  • I swear I actually managed to study for finals
  • Did not study
  • Failed epically at my first final!! three more to go woohoo
  • Wrote a 15-page paper on 90 minutes of sleep.
  • Had a lot of caffeine (I don’t normally consume it) and felt like I was high. But was still productive!
  • Wrote a 30-page paper, the longest I’ve ever written.
  • Finished all my studying on Thursday afternoon; stopped caring entirely, albeit prematurely, about the semester
  • Slept all day Saturday instead of studying
  • Primally screamed my stress away (not really)
  • Decided that studying can’t save me at this point.

Bwog Finds Time To Do Things Even Before Finals

  • Made the impulsive decision to go to DC at 3 AM with my friends 2 days before exams
  • Saw Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz’s facial hair (ugly)
  • Went dancing in Brooklyn and sprained my pinky to Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon
  • Made brownies from a mix while drunk and massively fucked up. Not sure how: maybe I forgot an ingredient?
  • Made smores in the microwave
  • Drunkenly shouted, “WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS TOWARDS MY SISTER?” at a boy whom I suspected of having a crush on my sister. (I was correct.)
  • Skateboarded to flat top to meet my aunt for Sunday brunch only to find out it wasn’t Sunday
  • Had a 90 minute massage and woke up the next morning only to find like six weird bruises on my back :))))))))))))))
  • Walked from SoHo to West Village to Greenwich Village to Chelsea and spent a total of three (3) hours in three (3) bookstores
  • Ran into an acquaintance from high school on the plane, awkward catching-up ensued
  • Ate foie gras mousse followed by foie gras-stuffed quail and came to terms with the fact that I’ll have to send myself to the guillotine during the impending class war
  • Went down to bushwick with my roommate and forced her to text her crush of six-months
  • Spent quality time w/ my friend at a doctor who themed bar
  • Got hit on by a dom in Starbucks
  • Had my friend throw my bwog egg into the quad
  • Drove!! God I missed my car
  • Primal screamed outside Butler!
  • Learned how to make an origami stingray and dolphin!
  • Wrote Orgo Night! Performed Orgo Night!!! Lost my voice for the next 3 days!!!!
  • Watched a lady escape from the police at union station
  • Went to my first orgo night and it was amazing.
  • Blacked out a party right after singing “thank u, next” next to my ex. Blacked back in while we were puking in the same trash can.

Happy Holidays, from Bwog

  • Drank peppermint vodka to help write Orgo Night, perform Orgo Night, and finally celebrate the completion of Orgo Night.
  • Walked around Furnald for the first time wearing Christmas onesies since coming to Columbia and had a photoshoot
  • Went Christmas shopping!
  • Stayed at my sister’s tree-trimming party in BK until 3 am, hung out w/ a bunch of 30 olds
  • Was informed my best friend is picking me up from the airport at 5 AM. she knew when I was arriving and I didn’t even know myself. I will never meet someone as great as her
  • FaceTimed my sister whilst she projected my face onto the wall at my niece’s seven birthday party so I could sing happy birthday and watch her blow out her candles.

Sick And Crying Bwog :(

  • Sick as a fecking dog for a week. Thank the Good Lord I have no exams.
  • Cried when my friend left yesterday
  • Cried when I saw my ex in John Jays today
  • Cried when I spoke to my friends back home and missed London
  • My roommate had to check herself into the ER after being so sick from possible dining hall food poisoning.
  • Seriously considered Botox because my eye bags have been out of control following crying and exhaustion
  • Basically just cried a lot.
  • Cried over my hometown!
  • Had my “crying over Bwog” moment a week late, at a band party.
  • Got super sick just in time for finals

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