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Field Notes: One Last Hurrah Edition

As the last weekend of fall semester comes to a close, Columbia still manages to have some meaningful events: like Orgo Night, Primal Scream, and lots and lots of exams. :( Bwog Tries To Study Had a MIDTERM Finally sent out my resume/cover letter I swear I actually managed to study for finals Did not […]

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Senior Wisdom: Gurnoor Tucker

Here are a few things Gurnoor Tucker, star of WBAR and CU Dems, has learned through his time here at Columbia. Name, School, Major, Hometown: Gurnoor Tucker, Columbia College, History and Financial Economics, Edison NJ Claim to Fame: Bhangra, Sewa, Dems, Studying for the Midterms w/ Ben and Gurnoor (s/o WBAR), my dog Georgie, and submitting […]

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