This fully-fed Bwogger wants to let everyone know how much he loves the Columbia Dining staff. And it’s not just because they make him buffalo chicken wraps.

Picture yourself in Ferris at peak hours. I’m talking 6, no, 6:34, no, 7 pm. You’re hungry, but the lines stretch so long you know it’ll be another twenty minutes ’til you even get a plate. Meanwhile, you can’t see the food at the bar, so you choose a line at random. There’s a good chance you’ve chosen wrong (it might be Vegan Day, or whatever happens on Mondays), but hell, you’re in. Not in the clear yet, though. People begin bumping into you every five seconds—Chinese water torture. The polite ones give an “excuse me” just before decking you. Most don’t.

Now, imagine yourself staying in a good mood throughout this whole ordeal (it’s a hard knock life). Imagine doing that all day, every day. Impossible, right?

Nada. Columbia Dining staff manage to do just that, and they make it look easy.

The women and the man at Ferris who swipe people in never fail to brighten my day, no matter how tired, busy, or hungry I feel. Their faces light up whenever I hand them my card, and they always ask how I’m doing. They could easily do their job without enthusiasm—they could mope and grunt because they have to deal with endless hordes of college kids—but they don’t.

Neither does anyone else in Ferris—nor John Jay, JJ’s, or Blue Java for that matter. Everyone who grills, serves, and cleans our dining halls has this contagiously cheerful attitude I haven’t seen at cafeterias outside of Columbia. I’m talking about the chefs at the Ferris bars who are always laughing, the grill masters in JJ’s who dance as they cook, the server in John Jay who went back to a storage area to find me plastic utensils (I had only asked once whether John Jay had any), and every other staff member who so evidently takes pride in his/her work. They all make me beam.

What’s more? Columbia Dining’s Facebook page is to be envied and their online feedback page is constantly updated with thought-out responses. And they never serve us mystery meat.

I want Columbia Dining and everyone else to know how much I appreciate everything our staff does.

Columbia Dining via Bwog Archive

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