Open Meeting on a Monday?? Are you for real?

You heard that right. Bwog really did that: Open Meeting on a MONDAY.  Lady Gaga even expressed her admiration of how daring and amazing Bwog (not Ryan Reynolds) is in a viral video:

Here’s what she meant by those (well deserved) compliments:

Talented: Our creative, outgoing, smart, wild Staff

Brilliant: The wide breadth of Columbia related content Staff thinks of every week

Incredible: Those sweet, sweet green grapes

Amazing: Lerner 510 in general

Showstopping: Those out there pitches that completely derail Meeting by prompting an outburst of uncontrollable laughter from Staff

Spectacular: The new Bwoggers

Never the same: How you’ll feel after learning where to give birth on campus

Totally unique: Some of the interesting ideas Staff comes up with

Completely not ever done before: Having YOU come to Open Meeting tonight at 9 PM in Lerner 510!

where you should be tonight via Bwog Archives