We’re back with another amazing Housing Roundup, tailored to give you information about your dwindling chances at snatching that single in the most upbeat way possible!

The final 12 mixed groups have chosen today, which means not too much has changed since yesterday, except all the singles in McBain have finally been taken and (somehow) there are still two spots open in EC. For those of you that want more up-to-date information as they choose tomorrow, be sure to check our housing twitter thread!

What’s Gone:

What’s Scarce:

  • 2 doubles in EC
  • 4 doubles in Harmony
  • 4 7-person suites in Claremont
  • 3 (female-only) singles in Wien
  • 3 singles in Harmony

What’s Still Left:

  • 42 doubles in Nuss
  • 30 doubles in Broadway
  • 33 doubles in Carlton Arms
  • 177 doubles in McBain
  • 79 doubles in Schapiro (26 of which are walk-throughs)
  • 33 doubles in Wien (14 of which are 2-bedroom)
  • 40 singles in Furnald

Looking Ahead: Tomorrow is the first day for rising sophomores to choose. Surprisingly, there are still two doubles in EC up for grabs and a handful of Claremont 7-person suites for larger groups. If you’re in a group of one, chances are you will get a single tomorrow unless something super funky happens. Good luck! You still have two more years of this!

EC via Bwog Archives