Sophomores have finished choosing, and now it’s up to the rising junior/sophomore mixed groups to snatch up what remains.

Rising juniors have now chosen housing! As the day went on, desirable options slowly dwindled, with the final few choosing into small Harmony singles. Mixed rising junior/sophomore groups choose tomorrow, and it still looks promising, with some well-placed doubles, some singles, and surprisingly a few suites. Follow our housing Twitter thread for live updates!

What’s Gone?

  • Singles in Broadway
  • Singles in Carlton Arms
  • Singles in Shapiro
  • Male singles in Wien (the only singles left are on Floor 3 — the all-female floor)

What’s Scarce?

  • 2 corridor doubles in EC
  • 4 corridor doubles in Harmony

What’s Left?

  • 5 7-person suites in Claremont
  • A lot of doubles:
    • 49 corridor doubles in Nuss (no walk-throughs)
    • 32 corridor doubles in Broadway
    • 34 corridor doubles in Carlton Arms
    • 178 corridor doubles in McBain (unsurprisingly, nobody has picked a single one yet)
    • 80 corridor doubles in Shapiro
    • 37 corridor doubles in Wien
  • Some singles
    • 38 corridor singles in Furnald (so far only one person has picked into here)
    • 12 corridor singles in Harmony
    • 14 corridor singles in McBain
    • 12 corridor singles in Wien (female-only floor)

Looking Forward!

If you’re a rising junior/sophomore mixed group, you still have a lot of decent options. Only twelve groups are choosing tomorrow, so you’re likely to get whatever you want.

Surprisingly, there are still five whole 7-person Claremont suites. Grab them before they disappear – rising sophomores rarely get to live in Claremont! For groups smaller than seven, you’re not totally out of luck – there are still many (albeit small) singles, and you have a wide selection of doubles (looking at nice clean Broadway and sunny roomy Carlton Arms).

Rising sophomores choosing tomorrow – you lucked out, and you have a way better selection than the rest of your classmates. Rising juniors choosing tomorrow – sorry about that.

Image via Columbia Housing