Seniors, you’ve made it through! Congrats! Juniors, on your mark, get set…

Housing groups Geese and little italy rounded out the last day of senior-only housing selection! Rising seniors, take a deep breath. You’ve finished your last lottery. Congrats! (Except for the seven of you with the worst numbers who have times tomorrow morning lol yeah that sucks.) Mixed senior-junior groups and juniors, you’re on deck! Nervous? Good. That’s how CU Housing likes it.

To rising juniors and sophomores who want to keep up with what’s available and what’s gone, be sure to follow Bwog’s housing selection Twitter thread, updated in real-time! We’ll also post new housing selection roundups every afternoon. Oh, and read our 2021 housing reviews if you’re making a tough, last-minute decision.

What’s gone:

  • Nuss singles
  • East Campus 4-person suites
  • Ruggles 3-person suites
  • Ruggles 4-person suites

What’s scarce:

  • 1 Claremont 2-person suite (RA)
  • 3 Claremont 4-person suites
  • 1 Claremont 5-person suite
  • 1 Claremont 6-person suite
  • 5 Brownstone (627 West 115th) doubles
  • 2 Brownstone (627 West 115th) 3-person suites
  • 8 East Campus 6-person suites
  • 7 River singles
  • 8 Watt 2-person suites

What’s left:

  • 10 Claremont 7-person suites
  • 7 Brownstone (548 West 113th) doubles
  • 68 Nuss doubles
  • 205 Broadway singles and 36 Broadway doubles
  • 17 Carlton singles and 38 Carlton doubles
  • 8 East Campus corridor doubles, 24 East Campus 5-person suites
  • 57 Harmony singles, 4 Harmony doubles, and 2 Harmony 6-person suites
  • 21 McBain singles and 176 McBain doubles
  • 7 Ruggles 6-person suites and 13 Ruggles 8-person suites
  • 188 Schapiro singles and 85 Schapiro doubles
  • 53 Watt doubles
  • 176 Wien singles and 40 Wien doubles
  • 15 Woodbridge 2-person suites

Looking ahead: EC, Claremont, and Ruggles are filling up, but honestly, things are looking pretty okay for the juniors at the top of the pack as we head into Tuesday-Wednesday. Sucks if you were hoping for a Nuss single, though! Also–things are beginning to look slightly dire if you’re in a smaller housing group rather than a large one. Only, like, three and a half weeks of housing to go! Good luck, all!

housing via Bwog Archives