Even on the last day of classes, it’s not to late to save your GPA!

Today is the deadline to withdraw or P/D/F a class for full-term and Spring B courses at 11:30 pm EDT!

Declaring the Pass/D/Fail option for a course means:

  • A letter grade of A+ through C- will appear on your transcript as a P.
  • A letter grade of D will appear on your transcript as a D.
  • A letter grade of F will appear on your transcript as an F. (Barnard.edu)

If you miraculously come out on top at the end of the semester you can uncover the final grade to appear on your transcript, but, if not, your “P” could be an A or a C- and no one will be the wiser.

You can P/D/F a course on SSOL (for Columbia students) or my.Barnard (for Barnard students). Instructions for SSOL can be found here, and instructions for my.Barnard are here.

Withdrawing from the course will leave the course on your transcript with a grade of “W,” but will save you the pain and stress over having to worry about another class. More information about the withdrawal forms that must be submitted for Barnard and Columbia students can be found at the attached links.

You realizing it’s time to P/D/F Intermediate French II via the Bwarchives