People like to complain about the steamy weather since the peak of summer heat coincides with move-in and the first weeks of class. That’s understandable; but as someone who comes from a temperate city, I am here to tell you: enjoy the 80s while it lasts. No hot weather now will be as bad as the frostbite that is to come.

Maybe your move-in day was especially sweaty, and you greeted everyone on your floor with your sweat-soaked shirt. Or perhaps, your room does not have AC and you wake up to find your mattress stained with your night sweats after the first night. You resent the sun for these mildly humiliating moments when all you want to do is make a good first impression. Embarrassed, you are ready to throw up the towel and blame everything on the heat.

Well, I am here to offer a voice of reason: you have no idea how good you are having it right now. Enjoy this balmy weather while it lasts, my friend. Soon, you will have no more breezy days of short-sleeved shirts and margaritas. Instead, you will be burdened with layers upon layers of heavy jackets and worried about slipping on icy surfaces and fracturing your buttocks. Hot weather is uncomfortable but cold weather hurts. The few surfaces of your exposed fingertips don’t feel half-numb and half-pained in the summer. As long as you wear enough sunscreen and drink enough water, you should be fine. There is always relief on hot days— early mornings and nights are bound to be bearable no matter how hot it gets midday, but in the winter? Nights only get colder.

I come from a city where people forget what the sun looks like because we constantly live under a haze of fog, so I tell you: enjoy the summer. Don’t be too hasty with your meteorological complaints now because in a few months, you will experience the Big Apple in its chilliest, meanest form. I have felt both the sunburns and the Frostnips, and I can attest to the fact that the snow days are much worse. Be warned.

Fret not, though! Bwog has an archive of tips and tricks to get you through the coming winter. Try out these ways to get some relief from the painful cold, or drink warm beverages with Bwog. Stay cool and enjoy the 80s for now while the skies are bright and classes are just easing in. Trust me, you’ll see.

Snowy Road via Bwog Archives