If you’re thinking about electing to take a course Pass/D/Fail, don’t wait! Here’s everything you need to know about the P/D/F option.

If a certain class is making you seriously worried about your GPA, have no fear. You can elect to P/D/F—but today at 9 pm is your last chance.

When you elect the Pass/D/Fail option, the letter grade submitted by your professor is converted to P/D/F. Here’s what this will look like on your transcript:

  • A letter grade of A+ through C- will appear as a P, and it will not count in your GPA
  • A letter grade of D will appear as a D, and it will count in your GPA
  • A letter grade of F will appear as an F, and it will count in your GPA

We know what you’re thinking: What happens if you elect P/D/F but then end up doing well in the class? Did a chance to boost your GPA just slip out of your grasp? The answer is no. Once the semester ends, you can choose to uncover the grade from a course you took P/D/F.

Remember: Courses taken as P/D/F can count toward general education requirements, but NOT for any major or minor requirements (unless you receive approval from the department chair)!

Electing a course to P/D/F is a relatively easy and quick process. Columbia students can choose to PDF on SSOL and follow the Columbia University Registrar’s instructions. Meanwhile, Barnard students can change their grading options in the Barnard Portal with the help of the Barnard Registrar’s guide. Make sure you complete these changes by 9 pm today!

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