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In emails sent out to students on Friday evening, the deans of CC, GS, SEAS, and Barnard outlined possible next steps for students in classes affected by the strike to receive credit for the Fall 2021 semester.

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Deans James J. Valentini and Lisa Rosen-Metsch announced on Monday evening via email that the modifications of academic policies from Fall 2020 and Spring 2021—specific to choosing the Pass/D/Fail option for a course—will be implemented for Fall 2021.

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If you’re thinking about electing to take a course Pass/D/Fail, don’t wait! Here’s everything you need to know about the P/D/F option.

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This week’s ESC meeting was short and sweet

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Did you just get back a test that did not go so well? Having second thoughts about your earlier decision to take 6 classes and a lab? While it’s far too late to drop a class, today is the last day to salvage your GPA from that midterm you bombed and P/D/F or withdraw from classes. […]

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Today is a momentous day! Ok, not really, but it is the last day for SEAS and Barnard students to make certain changes to their schedules. Today, March 24, is the last day SEAS students can elect to Pass/D/Fail a class and is also the SEAS R-credit deadline and class withdrawal deadline. Get on those computers and […]

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All the cool kids have been talking about the mandatory freshman P/D/F policy that’s circling the administration rounds, waiting to become official mandate. The Spec editorial board has officially endorsed the policy, and Bwog’s official classroom/dorm room census has heard opinions ranging from ecstatic to furious. To throw in our two cents to the conversation, […]

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Today is your last chance to take the Pass/D/Fail option for a class. You can complete an Add-Drop Form and deliver it to 205 Kent by 5pm. Barnard students have until Tuesday November 20th to P/D/F a class. Good luck! Grade between P & F via Shutterstock

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The End of Days

The four horses of the SSOL apocalypse are on their way! Hurry up and register for that class that you thought you didn’t want to take but turned out to be full of unknown knowledge (or just full of easy homework assignments), as it’s the last day to add courses. Also, if you just don’t get MusicHum, drop […]

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In case you weren’t worried enough about seeing/not seeing your family over Thanksgiving—or perish the thought, even about looming finals—here’s something else. Tomorrow, November 18th, is the deadline both for CC students to switch a class to P/D/F and for SEAS students to drop a class. There are various and sundry rules and people you […]

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