Inspired by a thesis-induced stupor and slap-happy sleep deprivation.

*SSOL and whatever the Barnard course planner is supposed to be called because we can’t have nice things. 


This is very clearly in last place because it is very clearly a penis.


Okay… I’m sorry. It’s 🐻 + 🦁 + (70-1).


I kind of love this one because it’s the Very Hungry Caterpillar a la Eric Carle mid-metamorphosis BUT it’s fucking insane and stresses me out to look at so it’s #10.


I’m going with slightly busted vampire post-meal. Maybe Edward Cullen had a little tussle. I don’t know. It’s bad.


This seems like a little landscape with some clouds, a tree, and some patches of grass. Theoretically innocuous but inexplicably sinister. Like the poisonous hunger games arena or the evil-apple-laden garden of Eden. There are a lot of preteen memories to deconstruct here.


I think this is a really old Galapagos tortoise with arthritis which makes me sad but I like tortoises.


It’s flipping me off, but it’s minimalist!


It’s a bridge troll but I feel like he’ll be annoying about the password for a bit and then get over it pretty quickly, kinda like Duo Security.


It’s a couple of kids on a carousel, which is so cute! Everything about that is also loud and overstimulating so it can’t be at the top.


It’s a Mii jumping and spinning around because someone threw the bowling ball the wrong way in Wii Sports. This is giving very happy 2009 vibes!


This is a very peaceful flying bird carrying a meal for its babies. It is the reliable serenity we all need during course registration.


This is the most perfect little turtle! I love it!

Schedules via Stressed Student Submissions

Rorschach Inkblot via Wikimedia Commons