Columbia runs on Kyle.

Confession: I’m actually not that big of a coffee drinker; I drink it mostly for taste. The energy-bursting results don’t seem to hold true for me (And I’m not over-coffeed out—I never drank it in high school). Despite the lack of results, I still find myself grabbing a cup of coffee in the dining hall if I’m living lethargically. I want to believe that it’ll liven me up. It never does. But I make a mean cup of joe. Here’s the recipe. It tastes great. And that’s all that matters.


  • Dining Hall Coffee: Usually found in little spouts by the soda fountains.
  • Mixers: My mixer of choice is raspberry, sometimes vanilla, and chocolate during a blue moon. 
  • Creamer: I use one of the processed creamer cups, specifically the french vanilla cup. If I’m feeling healthy, I’ll swap it out for oat milk. 


  • Add Dining Hall Coffee to cup
  • Add the desired level of mixer and stir. Sometimes you might have to add more, and sometimes you definitely wish you added less. Each flavor syrup has a varying flavor potency so there is some trial and error required. For the raspberry mixer, I found a little goes a long way. I have not read the nutrition facts, and I do not intend to, because I am absolutely sure that this drink is entirely sugar. Maybe keep that in mind when adding your mixer.
  • Add creamer as desired.
  • Enjoy!

Adding the Coffee

Remember to stir!

The Creamers!

Tastes so good. Tastes too good.

Coffee Beans via Libreshot

Coffee process photos via Author