A non-SEAS student (i.e., a Fu Fighter) weighs in. 

I recently overheard some students voicing their confusion at the oral pronunciations of “CC” and “SEAS.” One student reflected that they initially thought “SEAS” was in fact “Cs”, a cute way of abbreviating “CC.” This presents a pressing interpretive problem: why risk the confusion? Why bewilder the millions with such an abbreviation for our engineering school? 

This brings me to my rousing proposition. The government name of “SEAS” is, in fact, “The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.” So Fu. Let’s call it Fu. Fu students are Ftudents (or Fudents maybe?). The Engineering Core? More like the Core Furriculum. And if you aren’t a Ftudent, you can be a Fu Fighter. “Are you in CC or Fu?” “I’m a Fu Fighter. And You?” (bars). 

“Fu” is perfect. It preserves the monosyllabic pithiness of “SEAS” while providing a helpful phonetic distinction from its Core-d counterpart. It sits alongside Mailman, Vagelos, and Barnard as a school known by the name of an illustrious individual who contributed intellectually and/or an eight-digit dollar amount to the University. Also, when you say the names of both undergraduate schools together, it sounds cool as FuCC. 

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences via Bwarchives