Coffee soda? Don’t let the Italian department hear about this…

Here at Bwog, we’re no strangers to experimenting with dining hall drinks. Here’s a drink for when you’re tired—maybe it’s the sophomore slump, maybe it’s exam season, but you’re exhausted. Coffee is your usual answer, but you’re bored with the regular options. So you decide to get experimental, innovative, and avant-garde; you put seltzer water in your coffee. It’s electrifying, bubbly, and groundbreaking. And now you want to share it with everyone.

“Traditional”: Iced Coffee + Carbonated Water

Kyle: I could chug this. It goes down easy, like coffee-flavored carbonated water. Enjoyably light. As someone who likes sugared and milked coffee, this is a lovely way to enjoy a cold brew. The dilution makes it very refreshing. Coffee + carbonation isn’t typical. And there’s something about the way it feels on your tongue that’s very pop-rocks-like.

Charlotte: This tastes like rocks, but maybe not in a bad way. A very curious experience.

Blueberry-Pomegranate Carbonated Water + Iced Coffee

Kyle: The smell is very nice but the taste is less so. This coffee tastes like a fruit punch with a hint of coffee flavor. But the smell is the top smell. The bits of blueberry and pomegranate are really coming through. Sadly, the taste does not match the smell. This is the combo for you if you can’t taste but can smell. A weird aftertaste, too.

Charlotte: I’m not a fan. This tastes like three diluted things. I’m actually starting to wonder if this will make me sick…

“Traditional Warm”: Hot Coffee + Whole Milk + Carbonated Water

Kyle: Am I enjoying this for the taste or the experience? The fizzing is nice, makes the drink fun, and makes up for the underwhelming taste. I’m a guy who loves sweet things so I wish it could be a little sweeter or with a little more flavor.

Charlotte: This is literally Alka Seltzer. It’s bitter and foamy and fizzy. I’m flooded with memories of having to take Alka Seltzer as a kid, not one of which is pleasant.

“The Kyle Special”: Hot Coffee + French Vanilla Syrup + French Vanilla Creamer + Carbonated Water

Kyle: Better than the Traditional Warm, goes down smoother. French vanilla aroma really helps. Pleasant texture. Thinking some thoughts about how to perfect the recipe—maybe fruit syrups to make up for what the Blueberry-Pomegranate Carbonated Water + Iced Coffee combination lacked.

Charlotte: By far the most balanced in flavor and texture, this could be an actual drink. Not good enough for me to make it for myself again, but this was not an unpleasant experience like some of the other combinations.

Your new favorite drink(s) via Bwog Staff